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   Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the armor from?
Why don't you have pictures of Stainless Helms on your web site?
Custom Orders
General Polices
Sizing Charts

Where is the armor from?

All armor sold by Bokalo's Armoury is made by HL Bokalo Churis of Trimaris. Occasionally at events we may have trade in items that were made by other armorers. We will always inform the customer before purchase if the item was not made by us, and if known, who it was made by.

Why don't you have pictures of Stainless Helms on your web site?

We do not maintain pictures of our Stainless Steel helms in the information section of our web site because we try to make each stainless steel helm unique. When a helm is listed for sale in Bokalo's Express, the picture listed will be of the exact helm for sale. We do bring a book of pictures of completed helms to events, please feel free to ask to see it, but please do not ask for pictures via the web site or email.

Custom Orders

Bokalo's Armoury prefers to maintain a large stock of items. Therefore although we do take custom orders, it is a very limited number each year. We only take custom orders at events and only items that are of interest to the armourer. If you are interested in discussing a custom order, please bring pictures with you to one of the events we will be attended.

If you are interested in one of our items that is currently out of stock, if you email us letting us know which item you are interested in and approximate sizing, we will send you an email when the item is back in stock.


All Bokalo's Armoury armour comes with a gentleman's warranty (this does not include rivets or strapping). If you feel you did not get your money's worth out of the item, please contact us to discuss options.

General Policies:

  • All armour is sold without straps or padding (Straps are for reference only.)

  • Prices and items are subject to change without notice.

  • An order is not placed until money is received.

  • We do not accept personal checks. 

  • Items purchased through Bokalo's Armoury Express will ship as complete orders based on the longest shipping times listed on the Express page. We ship USPS Priority Insured.

  • Credit cards will be charged at the time of order.

Sizing Charts



1.  All items marked with * are measured with a tape measure.  All items marked with # are measured with a ruler, i.e. straight line.

2.  Helmets will be sized to allow for 3/4-1 3/4" padding.  If you want more than 1 1/4" padding, please specify.

1.  Distance from ear to ear.#

2. Distance from top of head to top of shoulder.#

3. Distance from point of chin to crown of skull.#

4a. Distance from end of nose to back of head.#

4b. Distance from front of head at eyebrow line to back of head.#

5a. Circumference of head at hat line.*

5b. Distance from eyebrow line to top of head.#

6. Distance from bottom of jaw to top of collar bone.#

7. Width of neck at widest point.#

8. Depth of neck at thickest point.#

9. Circumference of neck.*

10. Width of shoulders at widest point.#

11.  Width of chest with arms extended and crossing taken from nipple to nipple.#
12.  Width of back with elbows to the rear center of shoulder blade.#

13. Distance from "v" of collar bones to naval.#

14.  Distance from 2" below arm pit to bottom of last rib.#

15a.  Distance across chest 2" below arm pit shirt seam to shirt seam.*

15b. Distance across chest 2" below arm pit.#

16. Circumference of chest.*

17. Width of torso at base of ribs.#

18a. Circumference of waist.*

18b. Distance across waist shirt seam to shirt seam.*

18c. Distance across waist.#

19. Distance from base of spine to base of neck.#

20. Depth of waist.#

21. Depth of chest.#

22. Distance from small of back over the shoulder to the navel.*

(23-26 are taken with the arm bent)

23. Length of front of arm from where bicep touches forearm to point even with arm pit.#

24. Length of back of arm from 2" above point of elbow to point even with the arm pit.#

25. Length of front of forearm from wrist bone to the point that bicep touches forearm.#

26. Length of back of forearm from wrist bone to 2" below point of elbow.#

27.  Depth or upper arm at fullest point.#

28. Circumference of upper arm at fullest point.*

29a. Width of forearm at fullest point.#

29b. Width of forearm at fullest point with bicep touching forearm.#

30. Circumference of forearm at fullest point.*

31. Circumference of wrist 1" below wrist bone.*

32. Widest dimension of wrist 1" below wrist bone.#

33. Distance from hip to 3" above edge of knee cap.#

34. Distance from bend of leg at torso 3" above edge of knee cap.#

35. Distance from 1" below crotch to 3" above edge of knee cap.#

36. Distance across top of leg from inseam to outseam 1" below crotch.*

37. Circumference of leg 1" below crotch.*

38. Distance across top of leg from inseam to outseam 3" above edge of knee cap.*

39. Circumference of leg 3" above edge of knee cap.*

(40 & 41 are to be taken while squatting on heels)

40. Width of thigh 3" from edge of knee cap.#

41. Width of thigh 1" below crotch.#

42. Depth of leg 3" above top edge of knee cap.#

43. Depth of leg 1" below crotch.#

44. Length of front of shin from 3" below bottom edge of knee cap to arch of foot.#

45. (to be taken with leg and foot bent) Length of back of calf from 1" below bend of knee to point even with bend of ankle.#

(46-47 to be taken with leg and foot bent)

46. Length of outside of calf from point even with bend of ankle to 1" below bend of knee.#

47. Length of inside of calf from point even with bend of ankle.#

48. Width of calf at widest point.#

49. Circumference of calf at widest point.*

50. Width of ankle 1" above bend.#

51. Circumference of ankle 1" above bend.*

52. Width of foot at widest point.#

53. Depth of calf at fullest point.#

54. Depth of ankle at 1" above bend of ankle.#

55. Distance from bend of ankle to ground.#

56. Height of foot at top of arch.#

57. Length of foot.#

58a. Hand tracing edge of hand.

58b. Hand tracing palm down fingers together thumb extended.

58c. Width of hand at knuckles.#

58d. Width of hand at base of thumb.#

58e. Length of hand wrist to knuckles.#

59. Hand tracing with gloves intended for mounting.

60. Tracing of shoe normally worn while fighting and height of shoe or boot on leg.

61. Height

62. Weight

63. Hat size.

PLEASE NOTE: failure to provide the correct measurements may result in a shipping delay.


We accept no responsibility or liability for any injuries or damages that may occur while using our armour.  Fighting is at your own risk, this includes carrying armour, loading armour, tripping over armour, attack by undiscovered armour, opening armour packages, talking to Bokalo and annoying Bokalo.  Armour is sold as an ornament only even when made to SCA combat standards.  Safety is your responsibility.

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